Get to know more about Scuba World


Scuba World Inc. is the leader in the Philippine diving industry. Scuba World started out in 1988 as a small dive shop providing scuba diving equipment sales and rentals in what is now Makati City. Today, Scuba World is one of the largest dive operator in the Philippines. Scuba World operates a network of dive shops and concessions in Makati City, San Juan, Cebu and Mactan. Scuba World also operates its own resort – Bahura Dive resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

Scuba World works hard to deliver superior diving services from education and sales to equipment servicing and travel. Whatever your diving need may be, Scuba World is surely the professional diving operator for you.

Our aim is to provide divers and non-divers with the services and experiences that they will always remember and treasure.

Our Mission
To provide divers exciting and quality dive experiences in The Philippines; through a complete range of products and services including education, travel, equipment and awareness.

Our Environment Policy
Assess any and all environmental impacts of our operations and be ecologically aware promoting the protection and biodiversity of the fragile marine environment in which we operate through global awareness, monitoring change management and campaign participation.

Our Commitment
a) Gathering information and knowledge of the marine environment

b) Evaluation of current conditions and monitoring through research and investment; natural change.

c) Presentation and awareness to the general public.

d) Practice and implement productive change management for the preservation of reefs worldwide.

Our Slogan
Taking your divng experience to a deeper level.